We Are Regenerated Church

Welcome! We encourage you to come as you are and experience the freedom, joys, grace, and victory unveiled from the truth, the light, and the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.


Our Mission

To regenerate believers, reach friends, and renew our culture through the non-religious LOVE of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

To be a Christ-centered anointed Church that displays the love of Christ, heals the brokenhearted, and proclaims freedom through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We’re devoted to building an engaged, passionate, and spiritually healthy community that makes up REGENERATED Church.

What We Believe

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    God Almighty and Sovereign Lord, Jehovah (יהוה), creator and ruler of all.

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    Jesus Christ. The key to Salvation and the Spirit of God in the flesh. He died as the ultimate sacrifice to free us from sin and rose on the third day, bringing us victory over death. He is the way, the Truth and the life.

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    Holy Spirit

    The Spirit of God that dwells within us as a companion, guiding us and operating the spiritual fruits and gifts within us through His love, grace and power.

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    God is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit

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    The inspired Word of God, Holy Scriptures and the Gospel Truth for us to study as a path towards the way, the truth and the life in the Kingdom of God.

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    The way by which mankind is redeemed and delivered from sin, and its consequences, through faith in Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord over our lives.

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    Children of the Almighty God, created in His image, but impure due to the fall of Adam & Eve. Imperfect sinners loved unconditionally by God for all eternity.

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    Sin Nature

    We believe that all after Adam are born sinners by nature, under eternal condemnation. The Holy Spirit convicts man and REGENERATES all who repent of their sins, confessing Jesus as Lord and believing in His resurrection.

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    A holy temple of God recognized as the body of Jesus Christ, and home to His heart and will for mankind.


We are here as loyal servants. Please feel free to reach out and let us know how we can serve you.


Michael Rosado Founder/Pastor

Senior Pastor and fearless leader of Regenerated Church in Orlando, Florida, a growing non-denominational, and multi-cultural church. Pastor Michael Rosado Loves basketball, deli sub sandwiches, and technology. With over six years of combined Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor experience his passion is for everyone to encounter the non-religious love of Jesus Christ, have a true worship experience, and become the person our God Jehovah intended us to be. Pastor Michael and his wife, Christina, live in Kissimmee, FL, with their son Isaiah, and two daughters, Monica and Lissette.